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Temgeancoin, TGN
Temgean refers to and is derived from TEMporary Gig Economy Amongst Nations. With an ERC20 token capped at only 10 billion, Temgean coin provides a means of payment and exchange amongst people from different background involved in the Gig economy. The global Gig economy is estimated at USD2.2 trillion annually and it represents services from Accounting, Construction Workers, Caregivers, Event Planners, Hotel Workers, Tour Guide, IT Support, Physiotherapist Personal Trainers, Nannies, Electrician, Housekeeping, Social Workers etc. The opportunities associated with the gig economy for forward and backward integration is huge.
Coin Details
Coin NameTemgeancoin
Symbol CodeTGN
circ. supply1 Billion
Initial Supply1 Billion
Token StandardERC20
State of the Market
Due to the ever present problem of limited platform to showcase ones services and exorbitant advertisement cost, many gig economy providers are not able to showcase their services.
As a whole the service industry today faces lack of organization, transparency, viability and connectivity. Unemployment in the world seems to be increasing because of these and various other issues.
The platform from Temgean will be able to nurture the gig economy so that it becomes an instrument to bridge the economic gap between the rich and poor by enhancing better understanding through blockchain connectivity.
The Temgean app will build a community of ardent followers, who exchange value across its economic chain and continually growing to target even greater number of users. The security, integrity and certainly of blockchain technology will ensure that all user date is protected and individual can customize their profile in such a way that only relevant information is exposed to counterparties who want their services.
At the heart of the functionality of the Temgean gig network is the escrow service, which allows service provided to be paid for on agreed terms powered by the system and implemented automatically once contracting parties have agreed the terms of engagements. Hence, individuals can source for the services they need to employ using local knowledge to enjoy the experience they require.


The Temgean App, with Temgeancoin, TGN will be implemented using a carefully thought out plan. This roadmap shall updated on a quarterly basis over the course of the project. The project shall be completed implemented over a 24 months period.

App Temgean App

A platform for exchanging value and service and paying for such service, the Temgean app is a freelance marketplace where people can connect and share their skills for hiring and payments.

It provides a per-to-peer system where users can review and reward other users with a point system for the excellence of service provided. The onerous and cumbersome presence of an intermediary businessman is completely eliminated.

Using blockchain technology, it is impossible to alter records and recommendation of their members. Hence all users of the Temgean platform are hard pressed to be of good conduct knowing that their history of performance in the gig economy under the TEMGEAN platform is recorded. This applies to dispute resolution, where records of milestone payments and dispute resolution are kept for reference. At each payment, the smart contract takes control of the escrow functions and ensures that payments are held down until Gig economy jobs are delivered according to terms of the contract.

The Temgean app will connect individuals all over the world, and people can offer their serves either as sit at home online providers or by physically moving from one location to the other. It’s a platform that aims to connect the world. The Temgean app provides unlimited access to the market as people from all over the world are connected under the same platform. For service provides, this affords them an opportunity to a limitless scope to attract users and earn optimal fees for their service.

Furthermore, since user accounts are always funded, there is no risk of payment delays as there is direct debit and payments are done on a timely basis. Also, probably of utmost importance, the Temgean platform provides accessibility to review all potential service providers and perform due diligence on their credentials before hiring. The Temgean platform allows for global customers to hire locally and enjoy the services of local professionals even when they are travelling across the globe. Also, since many service providers are listed, it allows consumers to get the best deals by comparing prices and making the best judgment regarding the quality of who to hire, at what price and at what locations. The fact that customers and users have exponential choices ensures a customer gets the best of their decision regarding who to hire.

With the Temgean app, a customer is not limited in any way in search of the best choices for their service demand. It is in the interest of all service providers and consumers to ensure that the Temgean coin is economical successful. At such, the project will utilize a model where coin distribution is managed and introduced into the market without causing oversupply. The lower the supply, the higher the demand. Mostly importantly, there will be periodic audit, in addition to the initial KYC of ensuring that everyone is verified before they are permitted to use all the plethora of services available on the platform.

why Temgeancoin?
Temgean coin, TGN shall provide the means of exchange, interaction and relationship between the providers and receivers of the gig economy service. With the decentralized public ledger of the blockchain, it’s impossible for anyone company to form a monopoly of this economy. The freelance workforce is highly mobile, circulating across various geographical zones. For instance, a Philipino or Thai Nannies working for a Saudi Arabian family, an Indian construction worker working in a project in Dubai, and English UK teacher worker in an English school in Singapore are all examples of how the Gig economy is interwoven. The Gig economy is projected to grow to USD25 trillion in the next 5 years. The convenience and usability of exchanging value with Temgean Coin allows for the organic growth of the ecosystem for a mutually rewarding benefits for all parties concern.
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Temgean Platform Model.
Every user who desire to connect to another users will register and create a user profile and upload their skill set. In doing this, the person is able to connect to thousand other people, bother employers and service providers.

Once you request for a service type, the platform will furnish you with list of service providers, and you can narrow your search to specific countries or region or language that you seek to hire. This profile search will reveal previous customer reviews on the person you intend to hire, what services they provide, what length of time and what prices they are willing to take for their services.

Also job history will be displayed, availability schedule and even certificates, permits and other qualifications for the state role. However, the Temgean app will provide a universal user platform for individual to become visible and enjoy the opportunity of interacting with other users.

Also, most gig economy candidates who provide temporary survives are limited to a certain region or area. With the Temgean coin and platform, they are able to connect globally and hence see the best opportunity available in the provision of their services. With the Temgean App, the risk of payment delays is completely reduced since all participants maintain an count and due diligence are done on the participants and accounts are funded by employers of labour who wants to hire people.

The Temgean app completely reduces time management issues. Currently it can take an unprofitably long time to fine appropriate service providers because of a one stop shop universal platform. With the Temgean app, this issue is completely eliminated.
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